CS450: Algorithms II (Autumn 2023)

Credits 8
Lecturer Ola Svensson
Schedule Lectures: Thursdays 8-10 in CM13 and Fridays 8-10 in CO3.
Exercises: Fridays 10-12 in CM012, CM1120 and CM1221.
Office hours: Thursdays 15-16 in BC02, BC03, BC04

A first graduate course in algorithms, this course assumes minimal background but moves rapidly. The objective is to learn the main techniques of algorithm design and analysis while building a repertory of basic algorithmic solutions to problems in many domains.

This is a course for Master students. Lectures will be in English.

For more details see the official coursebook.

Important dates


A preliminary list of topics:


The detailed schedule, lecture notes, and additional links to material is on the course moodle.

Mid-term and Final Exam

You can use a single hand-written A4-page on which you can write anything on both sides. (No magnifying glasses allowed!)


Grades will be based on two homeworks [30%], the midterm [30%], and the final exam [40%].