CS-435 Analytic Algorithms -- Fall 2016

Course description
     In the last decade, many fundamental algorithmic problems have benefited from viewing the underlying discrete problems through the lens of analytic methods. In this course we will introduce a selection of such techniques and explore their applications. More details here.

      Calculus (MATH105), Linear Algebra (MATH110), Algorithms (CS250), Theory of Computation (CS251) or equivalents, Advanced Algorithms (CS150)

Time and place
     Lectures - Mondays 9:15-12:00 in BC 01.

Teaching staff
     Lecturer:                            Nisheeth Vishnoi email for appointment, INJ 135.
     Teaching assistants (TAs): Damian Straszak INJ 116 (entrance through INJ 114). Office hours: Thursdays 16:00 - 17:00.

    Midterm Exam   40%
    Final Exam50%

Exam dates
    Midterm Exam    31.10.2016
    Finam Exam19.12.2016

Problem Sets
     Their purpose is to help students in understanding current material and prepare for the exam.
     Problem sets will appear on moodle and the solutions should also be submitted there.

Lecture Notes
     Lecture notes will be posted on moodle.