Mika Göös

Sup. I am an assistant professor at EPFL in the Theory Group.

Previously, I was a post-doc at Stanford, Princeton IAS, and Harvard. I completed my PhD at University of Toronto under the scrutiny of Toniann Pitassi. I obtained my MSc from the University of Oxford and my BSc from Aalto University.

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Current team:


  1. Communication Complexity of Collision
    with Siddhartha Jain
  2. Randomised Composition and Small-Bias Minimax
    with Shalev Ben-David, Eric Blais, and Gilbert Maystre
  3. Separations in Proof Complexity and TFNP
    with Alexandros Hollender, Siddhartha Jain, Gilbert Maystre, William Pires, Robert Robere, and Ran Tao
  4. Further Collapses in TFNP
    with Alexandros Hollender, Siddhartha Jain, Gilbert Maystre, William Pires, Robert Robere, and Ran Tao
  5. Lower Bounds for Unambiguous Automata via Communication Complexity
    with Stefan Kiefer, and Weiqiang Yuan
  6. Proofs, Circuits, and Communication
    with Susanna de Rezende and Robert Robere
  7. On Semi-Algebraic Proofs and Algorithms
    with Noah Fleming, Stefan Grosser, and Robert Robere
  8. Unambiguous DNFs and Alon–Saks–Seymour
    with Kaspars Balodis, Shalev Ben-David, Siddhartha Jain, and Robin Kothari
  9. A Majority Lemma for Randomised Query Complexity
    with Gilbert Maystre
  10. On the Power and Limitations of Branch and Cut
    with Noah Fleming, Russell Impagliazzo, Toniann Pitassi, Robert Robere, Li-Yang Tan, Avi Wigderson
  11. Automating Algebraic Proof Systems is NP-Hard
    with Susanna de Rezende, Jakob Nordström, Toniann Pitassi, Robert Robere, and Dmitry Sokolov
  12. Automating Cutting Planes is NP-Hard
    with Sajin Koroth, Ian Mertz, and Toniann Pitassi
  13. When Is Amplification Necessary for Composition in Randomized Query Complexity?
    with Shalev Ben-David, Robin Kothari, and Thomas Watson
  14. The Power of Many Samples in Query Complexity
    with Andrew Bassilakis, Andrew Drucker, Lunjia Hu, Weiyun Ma, and Li-Yang Tan
  15. On the Complexity of Modulo-q Arguments and the Chevalley–Warning Theorem
    with Pritish Kamath, Katerina Sotiraki, and Manolis Zampetakis
  16. A Lower Bound for Sampling Disjoint Sets
    with Thomas Watson
  17. String Matching: Communication, Circuits, and Learning
    with Alexander Golovnev, Daniel Reichman, and Igor Shinkar
  18. Adventures in Monotone Complexity and TFNP
    with Pritish Kamath, Robert Robere, and Dmitry Sokolov
  19. Near-Optimal Communication Lower Bounds for Approximate Nash Equilibria
    with Aviad Rubinstein
  20. A Tight Lower Bound for Entropy Flattening
    with Yi-Hsiu Chen, Salil Vadhan, and Jiapeng Zhang
  21. Monotone Circuit Lower Bounds from Resolution
    with Ankit Garg, Pritish Kamath, and Dmitry Sokolov
  22. Query-to-Communication Lifting for BPP
    with Toniann Pitassi and Thomas Watson
  23. Query-to-Communication Lifting for PNP
    with Pritish Kamath, Toniann Pitassi, and Thomas Watson
  24. Extension Complexity of Independent Set Polytopes
    with Rahul Jain and Thomas Watson
  25. Separations in Communication Complexity Using Cheat Sheets and Information Complexity
    with Anurag Anshu, Aleksandrs Belovs, Shalev Ben-David, Rahul Jain, Robin Kothari, Troy Lee, and Miklos Santha
  26. Non-local Probes Do Not Help with Many Graph Problems
    with Juho Hirvonen, Reut Levi, Moti Medina, and Jukka Suomela
  27. A Composition Theorem for Conical Juntas
    with T.S. Jayram
  28. Randomized Communication vs. Partition Number
    with T.S. Jayram, Toniann Pitassi, and Thomas Watson
  29. Deterministic Communication vs. Partition Number
    with Toniann Pitassi and Thomas Watson
  30. The Landscape of Communication Complexity Classes
    with Toniann Pitassi and Thomas Watson
  31. Lower Bounds for Clique vs. Independent Set
  32. Rectangles Are Nonnegative Juntas
    with Shachar Lovett, Raghu Meka, Thomas Watson, and David Zuckerman
  33. Zero-Information Protocols and Unambiguity in Arthur–Merlin Communication
    with Toniann Pitassi and Thomas Watson
  34. Communication Complexity of Set-Disjointness for All Probabilities
    with Thomas Watson
  35. Communication Lower Bounds via Critical Block Sensitivity
    with Toniann Pitassi
  36. Linear-in-Delta Lower Bounds in the LOCAL Model
    with Juho Hirvonen and Jukka Suomela
  37. Separating OR, SUM, and XOR Circuits
    with Magnus Find, Matti Järvisalo, Petteri Kaski, Mikko Koivisto, and Janne H. Korhonen
  38. What Can Be Decided Locally Without Identifiers?
    with Pierre Fraigniaud, Amos Korman, and Jukka Suomela
  39. Randomized Distributed Decision
    with Pierre Fraigniaud, Amos Korman, Merav Parter, and David Peleg
  40. No Sublogarithmic-Time Approximation Scheme for Bipartite Vertex Cover
    with Jukka Suomela
  41. Lower Bounds for Local Approximation
    with Juho Hirvonen and Jukka Suomela
  42. Locally Checkable Proofs in Distributed Computing
    with Jukka Suomela
  43. Search Methods for Tile Sets in Patterned DNA Self-Assembly
    with Tuomo Lempiäinen, Eugen Czeizler, and Pekka Orponen


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